24-08-2014 by Blake.H
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STALKER RolePlay Is now live.

Thats right, its finally here. You'll notice a new Script! A new RadiationScript based on nutscript which is being developed by HGN.

Make sure you update your content here: (here). Now be aware the server is in early days - Some things may be broken or you may face a couple of issues if you do please report it (here).

Get out of here stalker,

CMT Manager
21-08-2014 by Blake.H
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We have re-organised the 'Departments' into a single team; The Community Management Team will now be responsible for all affairs which affect HGN such as Public Relations, Playerbase Management and Staff Management.

CMT currently consists of four members:
CMT Manager: Blake.H
CMT Supervisor: James Almasy
CMT Member:  Jake
CMT Member: Locke

If you are interested in joining the Community Management Team Please feel free to talk to Blake.H or James Almasy over Steam or Via PM.

Edit 22/08/14:
Further to the restructure;

'Officer' is now Renamed 'Manager'
'Executive Officer (XO) is now renamed 'Supervisor'
16-08-2014 by SilverKnight
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There will be some downtime tomorrow, HyperGaming network and other sites are moving over to my company's webhosting business, so this means for some time these forums will be inaccessible tomorrow and potentially part of monday (Domain transfers are not always instant) This also goes for other websites that i own such as GameKnightly.

In other news HyperGaming Network will be expanding, in the next few weeks to have a file-hosting\game modding section that will support various games including Garrysmod, warcraft 3, dota 2 etc. This will have a dedicated file system and will not effect the forums, i am also looking into sub-domains for sections of the forums to provide sub-domains for our gameservers and the approach of unity (the hgn forums) while not trying to show too much data at once (Less clutter)

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27-07-2014 by Blake.H
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So, we haven't had an update on STALKER for a while so here's a quick one:-

We are live with an Alpha test server!

People are currently logging on and doing bug test using trello to track and fix them. (Yes, for once Exie is actually fixing them  ;)).

Military Applications are now open as the starting faction too.

Sooo hopefully once the major issues are resolved we can go into beta and open the server to the public.

Any questions? Post them here.
03-06-2014 by Blake.H
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**A message is sent out across The Cordon, relayed through PDA's and the liking.**

Attention Stalkers,

We are in some dire shit, our boards are
(mostly) empty, our idea's are old and are resources are diminished.

We need your help to contribute to the cause and help get the ball rolling. The sooner we have the infrastructure in place the sooner we can venture back deeper into The Zone
(Our Server).

You will find attached to this message a link to the drop-off location
(Forums) where; Rubles, Weapons and ammunition (Idea's) can be contributed. All contributions will be met with perks (To be annnounced) the next time you enter my bunker.



Joking aside; I've been asked to start building up the forums and sort out some content for the server. (I.E. Maps, Models, Weapons etc.). What i'd like is some contribution from the community; this is about what you want not what one single person wants (Like before). So, head over the the newly created contribution board put what ever you feel will be beneficial to the server and community.

Ideally we're looking for; Content (Maps, models etc.), ideas on how to run the server (Both a player and admin perspective), How factions should be organised (and what factions we should use), Forum edits (Boards which are needed or redundant), forum topics which should be created or removed or anything else you can think of.

Please beef-out your topics as much as possible to help the cause. The more you add, the better your topic will be and it's more likely it is to be chosen, worked on or approved. If you only have one sentence topics like "We should have monolith" etc. keep it to yourself because you're not going to be given my time.

Contribution Forum:

Forum Tech-Admin
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