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03 Jun 2014 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Report In!  Written by Blake.H

**A message is sent out across The Cordon, relayed through PDA's and the liking.**

Attention Stalkers,

We are in some dire shit, our boards are
(mostly) empty, our idea's are old and are resources are diminished.

We need your help to contribute to the cause and help get the ball rolling. The sooner we have the infrastructure in place the sooner we can venture back deeper into The Zone
(Our Server).

You will find attached to this message a link to the drop-off location
(Forums) where; Rubles, Weapons and ammunition (Idea's) can be contributed. All contributions will be met with perks (To be annnounced) the next time you enter my bunker.



Joking aside; I've been asked to start building up the forums and sort out some content for the server. (I.E. Maps, Models, Weapons etc.). What i'd like is some contribution from the community; this is about what you want not what one single person wants (Like before). So, head over the the newly created contribution board put what ever you feel will be beneficial to the server and community.

Ideally we're looking for; Content (Maps, models etc.), ideas on how to run the server (Both a player and admin perspective), How factions should be organised (and what factions we should use), Forum edits (Boards which are needed or redundant), forum topics which should be created or removed or anything else you can think of.

Please beef-out your topics as much as possible to help the cause. The more you add, the better your topic will be and it's more likely it is to be chosen, worked on or approved. If you only have one sentence topics like "We should have monolith" etc. keep it to yourself because you're not going to be given my time.

Contribution Forum:

Forum Tech-Admin

04 May 2014 - Stay Classy: STALKER Roleplay  Written by SilverKnight


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I have heard many of you loved and enjoyed our STALKER Roleplay and want it back, Many of you Miss the good times that were had on our server over 6 long years of Stalker Roleplay and that over the past year, there was not much soul out there in the STALKER roleplay community, many have tried to replace us and all have failed. So i bring to you HGN's Stalker Roleplay, yet again.

All donation packages have been abolished, only Donation Weapons and Donation models are staying. Essentially, a quote from Scarface:- The world is yours. I don't have anything in place for this, other than one hope, one dream that people will enjoy the server once again. Admins are to yet be recruited to run the show and the forum stuff will need some work, responsible and respectable put in place to run certain things. Will it be here to stay? Well, the same thing applys as before, as long as people want it, it will be there.

Roleplayers of HGN, Old and New, Stay Classy.

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22 Apr 2014 - What Direction do you want HGN to Go?  Written by SilverKnight

Hi Community, looking for speculation\feedback on the direction you feel HGN should go. We have been out of the GMOD community for near on a year now, so much has appeared in that time in my life due to all the free time i have had but i am forever reminded of all the ventures HGN has done in-regards to all our servers and i constantly get reminded of STALKER role-play through former players commenting how they miss it, will i bring it back, more so than any other project.

I don't exactly have a huge amount of spare time on my hands these days, HGN still retains mild activity even with only one game server active but perhaps i might consider putting /yet/ another GMOD server up, depending on the demand for one. STALKER has had several communities trying to fill the void which HGN left behind upon closing our SRP and none have actually managed to do so, of course, TnB took the torch with SRP, David vs Goliath approach never works out the same story in GMOD and we became a shadow in the fold of things.

We will have our Minecraft Roleplay server up soon in the coming weeks, the management of the server has been passed around several times but it might finally come alive again.

09 Apr 2014 - Notice:Heartbug security issue  Written by SilverKnight

Just to make you all aware, we were not affected by this, i keep everything up to date in-regards to our webhosting and servers so you can feel safe and rest assured your data is safe with us.

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30 Jan 2014 - Airena Map released  Written by SilverKnight

I decided to release my Airena garry's mod map onto the steam workshop, it's fully packaged as a addon so anyone can appreciate my previous work on my college-summer project of 2011.

This is a map that i (SilverKnight) made for a Scifi MMO project on a heavily modified underdone script called Airena, back in 2011. I am just releasing this map as a standalone so others can enjoy my previous work.

What it features:

Sci-fi map - A mixture of star wars\mass effect feel.
-Large open snowy work
-Large base with corridors, kiosk, medbay and one or two rooms.
-Several buildings out in the open
-Small underground tunnel system
-World Snow effect

This was designed for a mmorpg and as such was made somewhat plain, there is actually a more detailed version with extensions to the base, underground and overall world however i never released it, if i get popular demand i may do so if i ever get the time.

You can find it here:

25 Dec 2013 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 #!  Written by SilverKnight


We don't have much going on right now in HGN, but that's no reason not to celebrate, with SRP or Metro just around the corner! So to all and everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

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HGN Administration Team.

23 Aug 2013 - HGN's Upcoming Servers  Written by SilverKnight


We currently have plans for various servers to come up in the near future. Listed bellow are the current plans for servers that will be going up and our Estimate of when they ill be up and running.


Metro 2033: Roleplay[No ETA]

Returning servers:

SCP Horror RPG [After Metro 2033 is up]

Airena [Maybe]


Minecraft: Machina Mythos[1 - 2 Weeks]


Terraria: Caphori (Now called Iseyu)[1 - 2 weeks]


Ragolution will be heading up a new roleplay server in starmade. It's got no name yet, but the current name coined is "Spaceon" - Aceon's scifi successor?[Server is now live]

31 Jul 2013 - Possible Revival pending Funding  Written by SilverKnight

There are currently talks of possible revival of our hosting capabilities, see nKe\Darkscar for more information if you might be able to help out. We are looking at needing 45 - 65 a month funding for a new dedicated server box.

Server Box Would run:

Teamspeak 3

Essentially the same as before however without me funding it myself.
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